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Ahhhhhh!!! You look so grown up and beautiful Sarah :’) it’s been a while since I’ve seen a picture of your face. I’m glad you had a good time!

AWW IM BLUSHIN thank you ilu <333 hehe lucky you, i’ve been taking too many ~selfies lately.  me too! i was genuinely surprised, i thought i’d hate it lol.

So prom happened like 84 years ago (April 5th) but you guys need to know about it because it is a life event that happened in my life and this is my blog and it just wouldn’t be right for it not to be here.  But yes these pictures pretty well chronicle it.  Prom itself was really fun and I think I’m actually glad I went, surprisingly.  Top pictures are getting ready/preparation, bottom are iPhone pics of all the film prints my mom got from Wal-mart today.  Apparently their printers are messed up though because they came back with the colors all altered so they look really vintage and indie and I probably couldn’t have asked for anything better.  The middle one is with my friend Madi and the bottom ones were with my date, Alex.


by Will Wild

I’m always in the theater seeing everything, good or bad.

The incredibly important times Edward Norton has been incredibly naked.


Jean-Pierre Léaud, année 1962.

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Face Off

Capturing the first moments of their careers, Piczo shoots new faces, at home.

What makes one face a model and another not? Is it symmetry or feature proportion or electric eyes or far apart eyes or turned down lips – and do all of those things equal a model? Or none of them. Photographer Piczo has been finding and shooting new faces for i-D for a few years now, and recently compiled this collection, taken at his house. With zero styling and zero make up, you get the person before they’ve become the model, and it’s a beautiful phase, that won’t last long.

By i-D Online

these are beautiful